25 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Faves List

May 3, 2022


You’ve joined HandsDown, you’re totally pumped, and you’re ready to create your top ten list and share all your Faves with your friends when it strikes—Lister’s Block. You obviously have favorite things, but suddenly you can’t think of any. Ughhhh.

Do not panic, Lister’s Block is a common and curable ailment (unlike its distant cousin, Writer’s Block, which has no known cure but is often treated with expensive MFA degrees). All you need to cure Lister’s Block is a jolt of inspiration to bring you back to yourself.

Ready, set, go!

Your morning routine isn’t complete without _____________.

Your evening routine isn’t complete without _____________.

What’s something you’ve given as a gift multiple times?

Which website do you visit most often?

What do your friends and family consider you an expert about?

What’s something you’ve discovered that you love telling others about?

What’s something you own or use that is totally worth the hype?

What is your favorite splurge item?

What is your favorite money-saving hack?

What book(s) made an impact on you?

Which podcast would you binge on a road trip? 

What product(s) have you used forever?

What pantry items do you always have stocked?

What lesser-known TV shows have you binged or re-watched?

If you were among the first group populating a new planet, what creature comforts would you bring from home?

What’s your go-to recipe when company is coming over?

What is your go-to host gift when you are a guest?

What has been your favorite splurge item?

What is your favorite bang-for-the-buck discovery?

If a friend was impersonating you, what would they wear/carry/mention?

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

What’s your ideal weekend activity?

Which causes or non-profits do you love supporting?

If a tourist came to your town, where would you recommend they go? Eat? Shop? Stay?

If you were to suddenly become famous for something, what would it most likely be?

Simply review the following prompts and answer with the first thing that comes to mind—don’t think too hard. Your favorite things will start bubbling up to the surface, ready to be scooped up and added to your list. (Fun fact: these prompts also make great dinner party conversation!) 

Ok, Lister, your inspiration should be adequately jolted—time to create that list!