Our HandsDown Funniest Faves

One of the best things about making a HandsDown list is the flexibility of the format. You can list ANYTHING as a Fave, as long as there’s a link for it. Just list what you love — and that includes what makes you laugh! 

Here’s a roundup of 10 of the funniest Faves from our HandsDown community. We fully endorse having fun with your Faves! Although, according to one lister, we should just go to Costco instead…

Allow yourself to be inspired — and entertained — by these creative listers. They are HandsDown hilarious!

For when you just need to groove:

Skipping to the beat of your favorite song

Wise words from Max:

Be honest. When is the last time you did this? From the look of you, it’s been a while.

Jeez, tough crowd. Sure it’s been a hard week, but do I look THAT bad?

You’ve bean missing out on a delicacy:

Butter Beans

Courtesy of Anne:

I think I’m late to the game but I never really cooked or ate butter beans till this year and holy shit they are delicious. I especially like them in soup.

Thank you, Anne, for spilling the beans.

C’mon, we’ve all been thinking it:

Dwayne Johnson

John says:

Since I can’t put The Rock down for all ten this will have to suffice…

Wait, how do I add to cart?

For all your consumer needs:


Frank recommends:

Delicious pepperoni slice for $1.99. Vaccines, eye glasses, contacts, prescriptions. High quality snacks in bulk. Rotisserie Chicken. Portland Organic Ketchup 3pk for $7 or so. Costco Visa that is 3% cash back on food and travel. Sonos 2 pack speakers for $369. The list goes on and on.

Vaccines AND rotisserie chicken? Goodness gracious, sign me up.

For a vegetable to fall in love with:

Watermelon Radish

As Angela says: 

Is this not the most beautiful little work of art by mother nature? It’s refreshing, it’s crunchy and it adds joys to every salad it meets. I know you can roast them too, but I am not sure I am emotionally ready for that.

I mean, yeah, that’s one rad…dish. Haha.

Because portobellos are SO last season:

Organic Mushroom Extract Capsules

David attests: 

Eat fungi. See God.

You’ve gotta believe the mushroom apostle.

Something curious for cocktail hour:

CURIOUS ELIXIRS | Booze-free Craft Cocktails

Paulina describes:

It makes you want to be poetic and have a curly mustache when drinking it.

I guess this is relevant for people who aren’t already curly-mustachioed poets?

For the adventurous spirits:

Love Tree Clothing

Paulina, again, writes:

I can go to a rave or go for a hike. Ideally I’m going to a rave-hike.

BRB, Googling “rave-hike near me”…

And finally, when you need a dose of existential dread:


Paulina reviews:

Iceland is a MOOD that says “I am but a spec amongst this natural glory. And that’s a giant ass volcano.”

And you, Paulina, are hilarious. 

Thanks to all of these listers for making HandsDown even more fun. Do you have an especially funky Fave? Create a list that makes you laugh, or just add items to your Top 10 Favorite Things, and share with your friends! 

And if you’re REALLY funny, maybe The Rock will follow you on HandsDown. Who knows, anything’s possible…

Our 10 Fave Dorm Essentials

AAAH, it’s MOVE IN DAY! Whether it’s your first time living in a dorm or you’re returning to campus after a long summer, your packing list is probably super long. We’re here to help cut out the crap and find what you really need. Then maybe mom will stop complaining about how you’re such a packrat. Okay, maybe not. Worth a try! 

Space is tight in dorm rooms, so let’s get down to the essentials. Because what’s worse than living in a tiny box? Living in a tiny box WITHOUT a fuzzy blanket.

These unfiltered recommendations from the HandsDown community will simplify dorm living and let you focus on what’s REALLY important in college: flirting with your neighbor, throwing an awesome party, and skipping class to hang on the lawn… uh, I mean, cherishing your education (sorry, mom!).

For when you share a shower with twenty other people:

3D Extremely Comfy Sootheez Slippers

Recommended by Angela, who says:

Yes I gave into the endless Instagram ads, but holy moly these are comfy. I feel like I am on a cloud and this mama needs it. I have a pair for inside and a pair I wear in the world. I never was to stand barefoot again.

Seriously though, if you value your life, don’t stand barefoot in the shared shower. Godspeed.

For your unimaginably small closet:

Clear Stackable Large Shoe Drawer

Recommended by Rebecca, who says: 

These are such a life saver. I use them to store and organize everything from cleaning and office supplies to makeup and skincare. They come in a bunch of sizes (I prefer the medium shoe boxes) and have inserts to sectionalize the interior.

It’s about being a minimalist while optimizing storage to squeeze every item you own into the dorm room. A delicate balance.

For hydrating the morning after your TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE night of partying:

Hydroflask 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle

Recommended by Sonia, who says: 

Seems obvious but I love this water bottle because I feel like I drink 2x more thanks to the straw. The bumper is great, the entire thing is easy to clean, and at 32oz it’s big but not a pain to carry around.

Just imagine this bottle completely covered in weird stickers. Because you’re cool! And unique! And stickers = personality!

For snuggling up and watching TV while avoiding studying:

Oversized Primalush Throw Blanket

Recommended by Valerie, who says: 

So cozy and soft. Use it everyday!

Ah yes, I too avoid studying everyday. 

For visiting your best friend down the hall at 2AM:

Kyoto Slides from Skin

Recommended by Nora, who writes:

These slides are cute af, cushion-y as can be and they keep my soles soft and protected from all of the awful splinters my old NYC apartment floor has to offer.

This is the perfect pair of slip-on shoes for your trek to the communal laundry room… located in the darkest depths of the dorm basement.

For being a human when you truly don’t feel like one:

Starbucks Iced Coffee

Recommended by Frank, who says: 

Sorry, not sorry, but Starbucks has the best iced coffee. They brew it, they chill it, and when ready to order, they pour over ice. It’s not hot coffee over ice diluting your drink like those small shops. You can specify how much sugar (if any) in it. You can mobile order on app or pay on app to earn rewards. Their coffee is not acidic and EVERY person who tries my style (half sweetened) they all appreciate its deliciousness.

I hear ya, Frank. Caffeinated vibes!

For when your roommate is being a tad noisy:

AirPods Pro

Recommended by Valerie, who says:
I love the noise cancellation on my Airpods Pro. Completely tunes out the world.

Yeah, no, your roommate is totally lovely. You get along super well. But sometimes, for your SANITY, you just need some SILENCE.

For your late-night cravings:

Dang Thai Rice Chips

Recommended by Esther, who says:

Obsessed with these. Non-gmo, gluten free. Could easily go through 2 bags in 1 sitting. Fave flavor is the toasted sesame. Plus the company is named after their mom. Love.

Okay, so you’re finally actually studying. Good for you! Snack break, anyone?

For when the cheesy dorm blinds don’t block out any sunlight:

Impressions Sleep Mask

Recommended by Kendyl, who says:

With this mask, I find that I am able to go back to sleep so much more easily. Its comfortable and comes in such cute patterns!

Maybe you and your roommate have very different sleep schedules. A sleep mask is essential for peacekeeping in the dorm household.

For when there’s a weird smell coming from the hall:

Love Potion Room Mist

Recommended by Rebecca, who says: 

I found this room spray in a little store while on vacation over the summer and was immediately enchanted. The jasmine is the strongest fragrance note and I’m already on my second bottle. I may or may not have even used this as a perfume at one point!

I personally swear by Brooklyn Candle Studio products. Their candles are AMAZING, but flames aren’t usually allowed in dorms, so room mist is a great alternative for some air-freshening magic.

So, there you have it. Ten fabulous things, courtesy of the HandsDown community, to help launch the ~best years of your lyfe~

What are your dorm must-haves? Create a whole list of college faves, or just add items to your Top 10 Favorite Things. Don’t forget to share with your new best friends (AKA everyone you meet the first week on campus). 

Happy dorming, kiddos! Stay hydrated, and don’t let anyone borrow your phone charger!

10 All-Year Fave Candles

With a good candle, the ritual is half the magic. No matter the season I love striking a match, watching the curl of smoke, and lighting a scented candle with a dramatic flourish. Bedside, bathside, deskside, with a cup of tea, with a glass of wine… you get the idea. Life is just better when the air smells like bergamot.

With infinite candles and scent varieties on the market, choosing the right candle can feel daunting. Scent is so personal, and trying a new candle brand can be unpredictable, especially when you’re shopping online. How long does the candle last? Is the scent strong or weak, sweet or citrusy? Do you want soy, coconut, or beeswax? 

Well, candle connoisseurs, you’ve come to the right place.
Here’s a roundup of ten Fave candles recommended by the HandsDown community. These authentic reviews will simplify your search for the perfect flame. It’s time to find yourself some flickering magic, perfect for any season!

For a bite-sized bonfire:

White Tea & Jasmine WoodWick Candle

Cassidy says:

They are heavenly – long lasting & they make a fun little crackle sound when they burn. Great vibes all around.

And everyone knows a good candle is 99% vibes and 1% actual candle qualities. 

To inhale some hygge:

Ro Scented Candle by Skandinavisk

Kendra says:

This candle smells so relaxing and warm. It is a very nostalgic smell for me. A bit pricey for a candle, but it makes me so very happy.

According to the maker, “Ro” means “peace” in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Sign me up.

For a design-forward candle in sleek all-black:


Jamie says:

The scent of heaven.

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

An NYC-based, female-founded brand:

Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio

Ashley says:

My candle obsession knows no bounds.

Brooklyn Candle Studio rocks! I love the Kyoto scent — like a walk in the woods, but you’re lying on the couch. (And with the larger size, you can clean out the residual wax to make a cute cocktail glass.)

For some ethically-made Maryland magic:

Knits, Soy and Metal candles

Jessica says:

Love the smell of the floral set. Maker is a woman of color, small biz in Baltimore.

…using soy wax produced by American farmers! Shop small!

For a high-end cult classic:

LAFCO Scented Candles

Janet says:

I love lighting beautiful, luxury scented candles – day and night – to relax me and my guests at home.

These hand-blown glass candles are seriously elegant.

Earthy vibes with a unique linen label:

Day’s Last Light Glass Candle

Rebecca says:

I love a good candle, but this candle from Anthropologie is such an awesome find! The Palo Santo Linen scent is warm, clean and woodsy- a truly unique scent that relaxes me whenever I smell it.

Typical Anthro, doing everything just a little bit cooler. 

For a scent that transports you:

Arches National Park Candle – red sandstone, copaiba balsam + sandalwood

Becca says:

I love nearly all of the National Parks line of candles, but Arches is my HANDS DOWN favorite.

Gotta love the old-timey style of these tins!

Another small business fave:

Sugar Cookie Candle by Cleveland Candle Co.

Kristen says:

Local Cleveland small business, handmade candles. Love these especially at Christmas time.

It’s like dessert, but for your nose.

And finally, for lovely scents minus the flames:

Amber & Moss Reed Diffuser by P.F. Candle Co.

Sonia (co-founder of HandsDown) says:

Best diffuser everrrrr. I fell in love with this brand because of their candles, the fragrances are earthy and not too sweet. But I’m lazy and don’t want to light candles all the time, so I replaced all them with this diffuser. People always comment how amazing our bathroom smells!

A diffuser that doesn’t give you a headache? What sorcery is this!

Ten household favorites, recommended by ten real people on HandsDown, to help you unwind, refresh, and make life smell a little better. 

Do you have a fave candle? We want to hear about it! Make a list of your wellness essentials, or just add must-haves to your Top 10 Favorite Things, and share with your friends. Or better yet, gift a friend a candle and spread the scented love! 

HandsDown Fave Curly Hair Products

Picture this: you’re standing in the pharmacy aisle, staring at a shelf crowded with hair products. Your mind goes blank. There are sooo many options, but it feels like there’s nothing quite right. How the HECK are you supposed to choose?! News flash – it doesn’t have to be so daunting.

For people with curly hair, this is an all-too-familiar scene. Since realizing that my hair is curly — I’d always thought it was just frizzy until I finally stopped brushing out my curls — I’ve been on a journey to find products that actually work for my hair. It’s a constant struggle to maintain moisture without grease, to deal with changes in humidity, and all the other factors that make our ~curlz~ so very special.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your hair perfect in the bathroom and then having your hair slowly turn into a frizzy, voluminous, mess by the end of the day. For once, is it possible to have a hair routine that works and keeps your hair looking gorgeous throughout the day? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. And neither do other curly-haired people. There are so many products out there that claim to help us with our multitude of issues, but not all are up to the task. We need some options, people!

So, who exactly are the experts on curly hair products? Humans with curly hair, that’s who!!
Here’s a roundup of 10 curl creams, gels, sprays, conditioners, and accessories, recommended by the HandsDown community, to step up your hair care game. These unfiltered consumer reviews will help guide your search for the perfect curl-friendly products. And remember, it might take a while to find the right collection of products for you, so don’t get discouraged and keep trying. You deserve to rock your magical curls with confidence. Start making the most of your gorgeous hair!

A curl conditioner to lock in the moisture:

LOVE Curl Conditioner – Davines

Conditioners with protein like these are the best way to moisturize and strengthen your hair while in the shower. Looking for the perfect bouncy curl? Invest in a good, nourishing conditioner.

Sorcha says:

This whole line is the best for my fine curly hair. (Doesn’t weight it down)

Lightweight hydrating products for everyday care:

AGADIR Argan Oil Spray Treatment

This is the first Argan Oil product on the list, but it won’t be the last. Argan Oil is WONDERFUL for us curly-babes because it moistures your hair throughout the day and smells divine. It also gives a wonderful shine and allows you to re-work your hair when on the go.

Valerie says:

The BEST spray ever. Was used in a salon and I bought it on the spot. It smells amazing, sprays evenly, and doesn’t make my hair feel oily.

AG Re:coil curl activator

We all know that ~crunchy~ feeling when we use a product that over-sets our hair. It’s gross, weird, and unnatural looking. Well, crunch no more with a good, conditioning leave in. Get that bounce and definition (aka Oomph) instead of stiff and lifeless curls.

Angela says:

I love this re coil cream so much. Long lasting ringlets with no crunch!

Versatile curl gels to make styling as easy breezy as you:

Garnier Light as Air Gel

One issue with curly hair is that it can sometimes be pretty heavy. Especially if you have a lot of thick hair. Products like this can help lift your roots and give you extra volume.

Kelley says:

I use a quarter-size or less on damp hair to get my roots to lift a little and to get my waves and curl clumps to hold together without stiffness or crunch.

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

Kate says:

Strong hold, good shine, no weight, low fragrance. Works equally well on my waves and my sister’s tight curls. We both love it.

For when you want a more intensive treatment:

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

Kelley says:

I use it when my hair feels blah. Perfect Sunday night ritual. Shiny curls, coming up!

A multi-functional hair waver:

Conair Double Ceramic Triple Hair Waver

Olivia says:

The best hair waver and super cheap! Adjustable barrels to create the perfect beachy wave 10/10!!

A fan fave hair dryer:

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Sarah says:

A little pricey but the Dyson hair dryer is a game changer. No fly aways and dries my hair so fast. Comes with a nice leather case, great attachments + new brush and comb.

A smoothing treatment for a sleeker style:

Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment — Color Wow Hair

Maggie says:

My Mom loved this so much she sent me one and I’m so glad she did. Spray a throughout damp hair and then style – It makes my hair extra shiny and soft, my hair looks good for longer in-between washes and helps with frizz.

An expert tip to keep the curls intact:

Muslin baby blanket as hair turban

Kelley says:

I love muslin blankets – I repurpose our muslin blankets as hair turbans – great alternative that doesn’t cause frizz or cause my ends to dry too fast. And we have a bunch of them!

Others swear by old cotton t-shirts, microfiber towels, or even pillow cases to wrap their damp curls and tame the flyaways!

What are YOUR fave products for curly hair? Share your expertise — and become an influencer for other curly-haired folks — by creating a list of your favorite hair care products! Or just add items to your Top 10 Favorite Things, and share with your friends. Stay curly!