10 HandsDown Fave Sustainable Swaps

One of the easiest ways to live a greener and greener life is to swap an everyday product you use and buy on repeat with a sustainable swap. (Think of the ripple effect!) Our HandsDown community has some fantastic recommendations—all products that are considered a personal favorite! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

A HandsDown favorite hand soap

Blueland Natural Collection Hand Soap Duo
Recommended by Mike, who says: There are millions of people across the world who throw away their plastic hand soap dispensers. Blueland has solved the problem by providing reusable hand soap dispensers. All you need to get is their hand soap tablets and some hot water — boom! Hand soap without the plastic.

A plastic-free shampoo and conditioner

HiBar Solid Shampoo and Conditioner
Recommended by Esther, who says: I have been looking for a shampoo and conditioner bar as I try to move more towards using less plastic and being more eco-conscious. The conditioner bar is just fantastic. Shampoo bar lasts me about 4 months and conditioner lasts even longer (I only wash my hair like 1-2/week). Unlike some other bars, the shape is really great because it keeps it’s shape better – it doesn’t crumble and fall apart like a regular bar shape.

And plastic-free deodorant, while we’re at it

Humble Deodorant
Recommended by Sam, who says: Natural deodorant that actually works…and has a lovely gentle scent.

A laundry detergent that fits in an envelope

Earth Breeze Laundry Detergent Sheets
Recommended by Deidre and me, too! Here’s my recommendation: My friend Beth introduced these to me, and now I enjoy my own subscription. No more giant plastic jugs of detergent or pods, these get shipped by snail mail in a paper envelope and take up almost no space. They work great—one small sheet goes into the detergent portal on my washing machine. Such an easy, sustainable swap!

Sustainable, comfortable work-from-home wearables made from recycled materials

LEZÉ the Label
Recommended by Colleen, who says: WFH home wear that is made from recycled fishing nets by a women-owned company. It looks polished on Zoom or running errands but super comfy and machine washable.

And a more sustainable way to stay on trend

Nuuly Clothing Rental
Recommended by Claire and Lindsay.
From Claire: Such a great way to have fun with clothes without hopping on every trend, spending too much and promoting clothing waste. Their customer service is fantastic, too!

From Lindsay: I used Nuuly for my honeymoon trip and it was the best! I was able to get 6 items from brands that I love like Anthropologie, Free People, etc., for less than $100. Love not spending a fortune on a fashion piece I will wear 1x-2x max!

A sustainable clothing solution for kids who grow like weeds

Kidizen Gently Used Kids Clothes & Shoes
Recommended by our founder Jenna, who says: I love Kidizen b/c the App is easy to use, and they have tons of amazing kids clothing from all of our favorite brands. I love to reduce and reuse — so this is the perfect place for me to shop for Stone.

A sustainable solution for leftovers and pantry items too

Re-Zip Lay Flat Storage Bags
Recommended by Francine, who says: These are a bit costly, but they will always rezip and are large enough to hold the no knead bread [from my favorite things list that] you should be making!!
Pro tip: Francine’s favorite no-knead bread recipe is well worth your time, too!

Roomy, reusable grocery bags for the win

Reusable Shopping Trolley Bags (2 Pack)
Recommended by Emily, who says: Love not making more than 1 trip from the car and you can easily fit almost a whole cart of groceries in these 2 bags!

And a way to say goodbye to bottled water forever

Pentair Rocean Reservoir Water Filter
Recommended by Ira, who says: Beautifully designed and great tasting water. You can’t ask for more from your water filter.

What about you? Do you have a favorite sustainable swap? Share it in the comments, or better yet—add it to your list of favorite things for your friends to discover too!

HandsDown Our Top 10 Travel Bags

Before you pack your bag for that next trip, you gotta have the right bag. But which one? Our HandsDown community has your back. These are non-sponsored, unfiltered reviews of travel bags these awesome humans own and love. (That’s how HandsDown works!)

A backpack that loves to go anywhere and everywhere

Dagne Dover Dakota Neoprene Backpack

Recommended by Samantha, who says: These backpacks are the best. They have the best pockets and organizers inside which make travel a breeze. And the neoprene material is water resistant and looks chic. I use the medium backpack going to the office and for travel. It has a luggage sleeve on it which I love! This is a woman owned company and their products are made with recycled plastic bottles!

A briefcase that loves your laptop and a bike ride too

Topo Commuter Briefcase
Recommended by Gregory, who says: The best-looking and most functional computer bag I own. wear it over the shoulder to a big meeting or turn it into a backpack on a bike ride to the cafe. Great for travel and well built!

A bag that loves weeks and weekends equally

AWAY Bigger Carry-On
Recommended by Kim, who says: I can take this bad boy for a weekend – a month. The ultimate flexible traveller.

A bag that will make you feel like Mary Poppins

MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote Deluxe
Recommended by Annie, who says: Best weekender bag, or “personal item” to accompany you when traveling. This bag fits sooooo much. I often use this bag, a purse and a carryon roller bag. A small purse can be shoved inside so that you only have the one official personal item. The deluxe version has the luggage sleeve which is awesome!

A bag that checks all the boxes

NOMATIC Backpack
Recommended by Adam, who says: As someone who travels (pre-covid) quite frequently on many shorter duration trips, I quickly realized it was incredibly important to have a backpack that checked a number of boxes: 1) large enough to fit a weekends worth of clothes and items. 2) comfortably fits my laptop. 3) looks professional enough to bring on a work trip. 4) not too large and bulky. I found all of those in the Nomatic Backpack and have been using it religiously for over 3 years. Highly recommend!

A hands-free bag for family life

Walker Family Goods Louie Sling
Recommended by Kelsey, who says: Cute and practical for travel and everyday. I have the sling!

A happy and hip little fanny pack

Patagonia Mini Hip Pack
Recommended by Sonia, who says: Cute, lightweight and comes in fun colors. I exclusively wear fanny packs so this is a staple! You can throw it in the washing machine if it gets gross. Gifted to me by Jenna many years ago and I still wear it all the time.

A bag that stands the test of time

Ricardo Softside Carry-On
Recommended by me! I have traveled a LOT over the last 25 years and have a Ricardo Beverly Hills bag that has lasted TWENTY(!!) of those years, going on every trip near and far. This bag has taken a beating and yet it is still the one grabbed first.

A must-have cart for city folk

Collapsible Wheeled Cart
Recommended by Meghan, who says: OK, do I feel like a great grandmother rolling this thing around? Yes, but IT’S SO WORTH IT. It’s lightweight and easy to use + transporting a heavy load of groceries is such a breeze that I don’t care about my granny vibes. Great for city dwellers!

Bags to keep on hand for those extra souvenirs

BeeGreen Reusable Shopping Bags
Recommended by Kate, who says: I love these rip-stop fabric bags. Spacious enough for 4 beach towels, or a picnic lunch, or a pile of library books, or a bunch of groceries, or kid toys for a road trip. I use them for everything. Light, foldable, quick-drying, washable.

OK, friends, did you find a new Fave here? Or do you have a recommendation of your own? Leave us a comment or update your own list, and share your go-to travel bags with your friends on HandsDown today!

HandsDown Fave Summer Must-Haves

What’s the difference between a good summer and a great summer? A healthy dose of discovery! Our HandsDown community is filling their lists with some amazing recommendations (are YOU?) and we can’t get enough. Here are ten faves we’ve discovered that are *just* what is needed to make this the best summer ever.

One for you and one for me…

Luxe Bubbles Mimosa Sugar Cubes Set
Recommended by Ashley, who says: Pair this with a bottle of champagne for a fun hostess gift – the little cubes turn champagne into mimosa, bellini and other flavors.

It’s not as if I needed another reason to enjoy more bubbly this summer, but I absolutely love this idea for a hostess gift!

A playlist that sets the mood to chill…

604 Chill Spotify Playlist
Recommended by Ira, who says: All chill, all the time. Just shuffle and enjoy.

Never met a summer that didn’t need more chill, so yes. Please. (Plus, this playlist is an ultra-relaxed 28 hours long!)

Because the best things come to those who weight…

Bala Bangles
Recommended by Jenna, who says: I discovered Bala weights via Melissa Wood Health workouts, and I love them. I wear them while I do Yoga, Barre or Pilates, and they deepen the work out. They’re also great for long walks where you want a bit of extra work.

Dare I say they’re also cute enough to wear as an accessory? Maybe this is how I turn grocery shopping into a stealth workout!

Basically a summer wardrobe for your face…

ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40
Recommended by Paige, who says: I’ve been loving this skin tint from Ilia. It’s a clean product and easy application. It gives the no makeup makeup look!

Fun fact: this Fave has shown up on SO many HandsDown lists! Other fans of this skin tint in our community love the range of shades available, the Hyaluronic Acid it contains, and the all-day SPF properties.

Sunnies with a certain je ne sais quoi…

Izipizi Sunglasses
Recommended by Erin, who says: Chic, French, lightweight, and not too expensive. What’s not to like?

(Also spying that this brand has a great selection of sunglasses + readers for all your smutty beach-reading enjoyment!)

A magic wand for your flower garden…

Scotts Super Bloom Water Soluble Plant Food
Recommended by Alison, who says: A few years ago I had two weddings in my backyard. My good friend told me about her secret to her beautiful flower gardens and I’ve been using it ever since. Now my yard looks wedding-ready every summer.

*Adds to cart immediately, thank you very much!*

An at-home spa treatment that gets right to the point…

Shakti Mat
Recommended by Lisa, who says: Removes tension and muscle tightness. I feel like it increases my blood flow and my mood.

Color me curious for this one—it seems wrong, and yet, it seems right!

An alternative to sticky, stinky bug spray…

Mosquito Repellant Patches
Recommended by Angela, who says: These cutie little stickers have natural mosquito repellent and they actually work! The whole family uses them! Love not having to deal with the smell of bug spray.

Can confirm. These are my new favorite thing!

A glow up for your summer sipping…

Estelle Colored Wine Stemware
Recommended by Sydney, who says: They’re so beautiful! Handmade in Poland. Nordstrom just picked them up as a vendor – so you can get select styles there too.

Fun fact: You can customize the colors in your own set. (Though good luck making a decision—such gorgeous colors!)

A superpower for your skin…

Coola Sun Silk Drops
Recommended by Eboni, who says: It’s a sunscreen and moisturizer combined that doesn’t leave me looking like a ghost. The only sunblock I don’t mind wearing.

Pro tip: Wear alone or add a few drops to foundation for all day broad protection from sun and blue light too!

That’s our summer roundup of HandsDown community faves, but what’s on your list? Create an entire list devoted to your summer must-haves, or add individual items to your Favorite Things list. Either way, curate your faves and share them with your friends to help create the best summer ever!

How to Host a Fave Things Dinner Party

My friends and family will tell you: I live for dinner parties. I love planning them, I love hosting them, and weirdly, I even love cleaning up after them. (It’s my chance to relive all the little moments in my head as I sort recycling, fill the dishwasher, and place all the chairs and throw pillows into their pre-party stations, ready for the next party idea to start forming in my head.) The magic of a dinner party is time and space to truly connect with a mix of interesting people over great food and drink—without the noise and rush of a restaurant.

If you love the idea of having a dinner party, but are intimidated by actually pulling it off, I am here for you. I’ve got 10 tried-and-true tips for a dinner party that will have you hosting with the mosting. Let’s do this.

Start with a theme

Now let’s be clear, you don’t need a theme to host a dinner party, but it’s a great idea especially if you’re a beginner. This will help you stay focused, but also set expectations for yourself and your guests. Need a theme? I gotchu: A Fave Things Dinner Party! Guests are invited to bring one of their favorite things to share—each guest goes home with another guest’s fave. It’s fun, simple and personal, and people LOVE it.

Make a guest list with a mix

Personally, I love a 6-8 person dinner party. It’s small enough to still feel cozy, but big enough to feel like an actual party. Fave tip: invite people from your circle who haven’t met each other—keeps it comfortable but fresh!

Don’t overcomplicate the invitation

No need to overthink this or make it formal. Text individuals (or couples) directly inviting them on the date you have in mind and share the theme. Need a script? Here you go: Hey, I’m throwing a dinner party on [fill in the date]. The theme is “Fave Things” and everyone is invited to bring one thing they love and recommend. Each guest will go home with a new fave from someone else! What do you say, are you in? If the answer is yes (and of course it will be!), follow up with specific info regarding time and place and any important details for the evening.

Let! People! Bring! Things!

When people offer to bring something to supplement the dinner, say yes! Not only is it helpful for you as a host, it is often a way for guests to feel involved and invested. Some guests will offer to bring something they like to make (a salad or their famous pie) but others are looking for a specific assignment. If you don’t have a specific idea in mind, here are things hosts always need: ice, club soda or sparkling water, and ice cream. I guarantee you’ll be glad you have more of any of those items!

Keep the menu simple

I love to cook, but here’s the thing I’ve learned the hard way with dinner parties—the food isn’t the most important part, so don’t wear yourself out over it. Crackers, cheese, and a little fresh fruit are all you need for a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Drizzle honey over the cheese and you’ll get at least a thousand compliments.

For dinner in warm weather months, I like build-your-own poké bowls. Everything can be made ahead and stored in the fridge until party time. In cold weather months, a big pan of lasagna with salad and bread is always a crowd pleaser. And again, all the prep can be done ahead and lasagna keeps beautifully in a warm oven until go-time.

For dessert, a box of favorite chocolates and a few different pints of ice cream are easy and fun to pass around the table to let people indulge as much or as little as they like. All you need are some small bowls and fresh spoons. 

Clean this NOT that

Avoid the urge to deep clean every crevice of your home before a dinner party. It’s unnecessary and will cause you to never want to have a dinner party again. Instead, focus on a few key areas: the bathroom, the kitchen, and wherever guests will be seated. That’s it, I promise.

Fave tip: set out a small tray in the bathroom with thoughtful refreshment items like hairspray, face mist, and breath mints. 

Set the scene

Get your table set in advance and include a generous scatter of tea light candles in votives. Light them 10 minutes before guests arrive, or assign the early guest to do it while you finish getting things ready. Have a dedicated spot for guests’ fave things to be kept until it’s time to share.

Find a playlist that can be appreciated in the background, but won’t be intrusive, and get music playing well before guests arrive. My go-to playlists are “stations” based on fave artists like Melody Gardot, Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck, and Regina Spektor. 

Make guests feel welcome immediately

It sounds obvious, but it’s really all about the arrival. Within moments of greeting your guests, fill their hands with either something to sip or something to do. (Or both!) Invite the introvert with nervous energy to help you finish something in the kitchen. Let the extrovert gather the “fave things” as people arrive and set them in their spot for later. Your guests are instantly enveloped in your party and feel welcome!

Be present

The most important guest at your dinner party is actually YOU. Once guests start arriving, consider your to-do list off limits and attend your party! Don’t rush any portion of it—including the sharing of favorite things! Ideally this should happen after dinner and before dessert, when the group is relaxed and comfortable and ready to share. Clear plates and hand each person’s favorite thing back to them at their seat. Ask one guest to take a minute to talk about their favorite thing. The guest who wants to take that home is the next person to share what they brought, and on and on until everyone has shared and received a new fave. Fun, right? (You can also invite guests to share all their favorite things on HandsDown!)

Clean up tomorrow

Remember how I said I liked cleaning up? It’s because I leave it for the next morning, after a great night’s sleep, happy and full of great food and conversation. Nothing makes me grouchier than cleaning when I’m tired, so I don’t. I put food that will spoil in the fridge, I blow out the candles, and I relive all my favorite memories the next morning when I’m well rested. Try it!

These are my fave tips for a Fave Things Dinner Party (and I’ve made a list of my fave dinner party essentials too), but I’d love to hear from you! What are your tips, tricks, and fave ways to host? Share your thoughts in the comments and create your own list to share on HandsDown!

Top 10 Fave Gifts for Dads

No matter the dad or his interests, our community of awesome humans at HandsDown has some amazing ideas for the dads and dad-figures in your life based on things they love and recommend. So skip usual head-scratching or default gift card and try one of these Faves instead!

For the one who is already missing the slopes

The Man Behind the Maps, Coffee Table Book
Recommended by Jayson, who says: Did you ever notice that every ski resorts trail maps all looked like they were Freon by the same artist? That’s because they are! This is the best coffee table book and inspires stories and conversation around the mountains. A must have.

For the one who’s always looking for the next thing to watch

Brome 1015 Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder
Recommended by Ashley, who says: I get to enjoy bird watching from my window without squirrels making a mess of things.

For the one who’s always prepared

Jackery Solar Generator 1000
Recommended by Becca, who says: Working remotely from an RV doesn’t mean you have to be tied into a power source. Having a portable generator with solar panels means we can charge our phones, our laptops, run a small blender and more!

For the one who loves a homemade gift

The Best Italian-American Tomato Sauce Recipe
Recommended by Mike, who says: Simple ingredients, simple process, and tastes AMAZING! Very versatile, I use over pasta, as a pizza sauce, or a dipping sauce. You’ll love the way your home smells as it cooks. I always freeze 2/3 of the batch so I always have some on hand.

For the one who has strong opinions about everything

That’s Dope, the Party Game
Recommended by Ira, who says: Each round, one player reads a topic from a white topic card and everyone else votes whether they think the topic is “Dope” or “Nope” using one of their black voting cards. Guess how many players voted that the topic was “Dope” to win the game and let the hilarious debates begin.
(P.S. Ira is part of the team at HandsDown and created this game during quarantine!)

For the one who’s always on the go

Nomatic Backpack
Recommended by Adam, who says: As someone who travels (pre-Covid) quite frequently on many shorter duration trips, I quickly realized it was incredibly important to have a backpack that checked a number of boxes: 1) large enough to fit a weekends worth of clothes and items. 2) comfortably fits my laptop. 3) looks professional enough to bring on a work trip. 4) not too large and bulky. I found all of those in the Nomatic Backpack and have been using it religiously for over 3 years. Highly recommend!

For the one who loves an all-purpose tool

All-Clad Stainless Steel 12.5″ Skillet
Recommended by Michael, who says: One of my favorite kitchen tools is my ever so handy All Clad 12.5 Skillet. It’s so versatile and lasts forever. Highly recommended by various culinary tastemakers and I couldn’t agree more.

For the one who loves dining al fresco

YETI Hopper M20 Backpack Soft Cooler
Recommended by Sonia, who says: I have the older version of this cooler and while pricey it is definitely worth it! We get so much use out of it – beaches, festivals, park trips. It’s easy to wear and incredibly spacious.

For the one who puts ketchup on their ketchup

Portland Organic Ketchup
Recommended by Frank, who says: I put this ketchup on everything. It is thick with the perfect tomato flavor and vinegar balance. Sometimes I add Yellowbird Jalapeno or Serrano hot sauce to it for dipping fries, pizza rolls, or whatever into.

For the one who keeps losing their buds

Anker Soundcore Life P2 Ear Buds
Recommended by Ben, who says: Airpods are great and all but I’ve lost 2 pair before already, and what makes these earbuds so great is the price point. An audiophile might notice a difference in sounds quality but for my podcasts and audiobooks it’s all I need. And I don’t have to worry about leaving them on another airplane or taxi while traveling.

Have your own great ideas for dad-centric gifts? Share them on your own HandsDown list or in the comments below. Remember, sharing is caring!

Top 10 Ways to Use HandsDown

10. Use it as a party game or first date ice breaker.

The cure for awkward pauses is here—asking people to think and talk about their favorite things is a magic potion. It’s one of the best ways to get to know someone new because what we love creates an overall picture of who we are.

9. Use it to satisfy your urge to lurk.

Lurking is totally apropos at HandsDown. Scrolling through the Faves of others is the online version of people watching and we are here for it, no apologies. But fair warning: sometimes you won’t be able to resist the urge to comment, “OMG, this is one of my favorites too!” (We speak from experience.) That’s OK too. 

8. Use it to give and get better gifts.

Giving: We all have that hard-to-shop-for person in our life and HandsDown is the antidote. Find a person your recipient really loves or admires and browse their list—golden gift ideas abound! We use this life hack on every gift occasion with perfect results. Woot woot. 

Getting: When you share your list with friends and family, they understand what you really love and care about—a good starting place for any gift idea. But they can also see your Saves, which is basically a gift wish list you wrote yourself!

7. Use it as a handy reference for the links people ask you for a billion times.

Consider your list a gift to your future self, because your past self has definitely given the same link to your brother-in-law at least six times. And to his mom that you met at the BBQ three years ago another 11 times. “It’s on my HandsDown list!” is your new answer.

6. Use it to connect with your besties and reconnect with friends you haven’t seen forever.

Sharing is caring and that’s the real magic of HandsDown—human connection. Inviting friends to join you on HandsDown is a way of staying up-to-date with what is important to them, and sharing what’s important to you with them. It’s like what everyone hopes a book club will be but never is.

5. Use it to discover solutions you’ve been searching for.

Sure, there are bigger problems in the world, but you’ve been searching for a shampoo you actually love since forever and have a graveyard of half-full bottles in the cupboard to prove it. You don’t need 40,000 reviews of the next bottle you try, you just need one from someone who has the same particular needs. Shazam.

4. Use it as a tool of self-reflection. But really. 

One of our favorite things about creating a list is the opportunity to take a step back and think about how our lists reflect who we are and what we value. It’s happened to more than one of us—we look at our list and we see opportunities for growth. That’s a good thing.

3. Use it as a snapshot of your life, again and again.

Creating a list on HandsDown is never a one-and-done activity, because we humans are ever evolving. Your list of favorite things at any moment is a selfie of sorts—a collection of important things to you at this point in your life. Updating your list includes sending an old Fave to your Archives to live forever. After all, that miracle diaper cream won’t always be one of your Faves, but you’ll have a rush of memories when you visit it in your Archives!

2. Use it to find hidden gems.

A giant collection of favorite things created by humans is basically the world’s best treasure hunt. And the best part is that every person’s found treasure is different—a beloved family recipe, an undiscovered podcast, a perfect dog collar, an affordable mineral sunscreen, a genius budgeting tool, a sleek travel backpack, a romantic card game, a pre-party playlist for introverts—the fun is in the hunt!

1. Use it to curate and share the things that make you YOU!

The team here at HandsDown share a fundamental belief: every person is interesting and has something to offer. Consider this our official invitation to you personally—we want you here, and can’t wait to see your list!

Let’s do this!

Meet the BFFs Behind HandsDown

The whole thing started with a group text, as most great ideas do.

Seven friends who met in college, then scattered across the country, started sharing their favorite things in a group chat. Mike (New Jersey), Anne (New Hampshire), Sam (San Francisco), Esther (North Carolina), Becca (Dallas), Sonia (New York City) and Jenna (Vermont) quickly realized that sharing your faves with your friends is:

A really fun way to stay connected and up-to-date with each other.

A really fun way to discover awesome stuff from people you trust.

Soon the group text moved to a spreadsheet, as most great information sources do.

Each of the friends got a tab and a task: share your ten favorite things, with only one rule—it had to be link-able on the Internet. And the group text that became a shared spreadsheet began to grow. And grow. Each year, more people were invited to join. Cousins, siblings, work friends—it seemed that everyone who heard about the spreadsheet wanted in on it. The spreadsheet got so big, with so many tabs, a person would have to scroll and scroll to see all of the recommendations. 

And then the group text that moved to a spreadsheet gave way to a bigger idea, as most amazing spreadsheets do. 

Two from the OG group chat—Sonia, a product visionary, and Jenna, a creative and operational inventor—decided to take the happy magic of this shared activity and offer it to more people in a scalable way with an app that’s easy and fun to use and share with your own friends. 

HandsDown is the brainchild and lovechild of these BFFs, created to foster fun and connection with old friends and new. And maybe help end your lifelong search for the ideal shampoo along the way.

On behalf of Sonia and Jenna, and ​​Mike, Anne, Sam, Esther and Becca too—welcome! We have one question for you: What are YOUR favorite things? 

Start your list and invite your friends!

25 Prompts to Jumpstart Your Faves List

You’ve joined HandsDown, you’re totally pumped, and you’re ready to create your top ten list and share all your Faves with your friends when it strikes—Lister’s Block. You obviously have favorite things, but suddenly you can’t think of any. Ughhhh.

Do not panic, Lister’s Block is a common and curable ailment (unlike its distant cousin, Writer’s Block, which has no known cure but is often treated with expensive MFA degrees). All you need to cure Lister’s Block is a jolt of inspiration to bring you back to yourself.

Ready, set, go!

Your morning routine isn’t complete without _____________.

Your evening routine isn’t complete without _____________.

What’s something you’ve given as a gift multiple times?

Which website do you visit most often?

What do your friends and family consider you an expert about?

What’s something you’ve discovered that you love telling others about?

What’s something you own or use that is totally worth the hype?

What is your favorite splurge item?

What is your favorite money-saving hack?

What book(s) made an impact on you?

Which podcast would you binge on a road trip? 

What product(s) have you used forever?

What pantry items do you always have stocked?

What lesser-known TV shows have you binged or re-watched?

If you were among the first group populating a new planet, what creature comforts would you bring from home?

What’s your go-to recipe when company is coming over?

What is your go-to host gift when you are a guest?

What has been your favorite splurge item?

What is your favorite bang-for-the-buck discovery?

If a friend was impersonating you, what would they wear/carry/mention?

What’s your favorite form of exercise?

What’s your ideal weekend activity?

Which causes or non-profits do you love supporting?

If a tourist came to your town, where would you recommend they go? Eat? Shop? Stay?

If you were to suddenly become famous for something, what would it most likely be?

Simply review the following prompts and answer with the first thing that comes to mind—don’t think too hard. Your favorite things will start bubbling up to the surface, ready to be scooped up and added to your list. (Fun fact: these prompts also make great dinner party conversation!) 

Ok, Lister, your inspiration should be adequately jolted—time to create that list!