Our Faves for Toddlers

August 24, 2022


I honestly love the toddler years. I have a 5 year old and 3 year old, and while the last few years have been exhausting, they have also been FUN. The endless learning, curiosity, and sweet/sassiness just delight me. But toddlers and little kids come with an almost endless number of things to buy. Three outfits per day, piles of toys and books to engage their curious minds, gifts for 2 year old friends, etc. 

Marketing pushes parents hard to buy more things they “need.” And we do need to buy things. But when I shop for my kids, I’m either looking for dirt cheap second-hand items that can be destroyed without guilt, or I’m looking for really quality stuff. When I’m shopping for quality toddler products, I always look for consumer product reviews. But the product reviews I trust the most always come from friends who have toddlers themselves.

Lucky for me and you, HandsDown is a community of friends recommending awesome products! Instead of marketing playing on my mom-guilt, I can trust a review from another parent with a 2 year old or 3 year old toddler. Here are 10 toddler Faves from my Saves.

Best Toddler Outdoor Gear

Roshambo Sunglasses for Babies & Kids

Fave of Anne

“Unbreakable. I have prescription glasses for one child and sunglasses for all three. They’ve been accidentally driven over by a car and didn’t break.”

Amazing. I wonder if they come in adult sizes…

FlapHappy UPF 50+ Swim Flap Hat (Recycled)

Fave of Angela

“I love this hat for the beach or the boat because it actually stays on in the breeze and the flaps cover his ears and neck. It’s basically swim material so it floats and dries super fast.”

A hat that actually STAYS ON A KID’S HEAD?! This is a very big deal.

Stavanger Kids Waterproof Reimatec Winter Snowsuit

Fave of Kendyl

“I have these one piece snowsuits for both of my kids and they are bulletproof! They wear beautifully and wash up like new. My kids can be outside for hours in the VT winter and never complain about being cold.”

Best Toddler Clothing

Kidizen – Buy & Sell Gently Used Kids’ Clothes and Shoes

Fave of Jenna

“I love Kidizen b/c the App is easy to use, and they have tons of amazing kids clothing from all of our favorite brands. I love to reduce and reuse — so this is the perfect place for me to shop for my son.”

90% of what my kids wear is second-hand, so I will be checking this out!

The Dopple — The worst kept secret in kidswear

Fave of Rachel

“Just like their marketing says, I genuinely wish this subscription came in my size. The clothes are CUTE and whatever magic they are casting to make the pricing work I hope it never runs out. I’ve found them to be extremely human in their customer service responses, which is the way to my heart, and gifted them to people who are just as ecstatic as I was to find them. Props to Jenna (as always) who turned me on to The Dopple.”

Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys

Picasso Tiles

Fave of Jenna

“They’re fun for both kids and parents! And they cost a FRACTION of Magnatiles — the main brand that makes them. I even find extension packs of them at HomeGoods or TJMaxx sometimes.”

Battat B Sand Toys

Fave of Kate

“Tough plastic that won’t crack with a big scoop of wet sand, just the right amount of toys that all have purpose, and a zippered bag to store them in. These have held up to two years of daily play in the sandbox. Love, love, love.”

This one is from my Faves! I’d also list the sandbox if I could. Best backyard toy ever.

My First Dinosaur Atlas: Roar Around the World with the Mightiest Beasts Ever! (

Fave of Angela

“We recently watched the Land Before Time, so the animal obsession now includes Dinos. This book is bright and colorful but packed with so much info that it will grow with him. We are all learning so much. Have you ever heard of a Coloradisaurus?”

Best Toddler Travel Gear

Jool Baby Products Folding Travel Potty Seat

Fave of Angela

“This puppy is super portable and folds down so small into its own little bag. It has suction cups to affix safely to any big potty to make potty training on the go a breeze.”

Currently in my cart… 

Inflatable Toddler Bed for Travel

Fave of Jenna

“This toddler-size air bed has totally changed travel for us. Our son is too big for a pack n play and kicks like a mad man. It’s a bit smaller than a twin but larger than a crib. Great for kids up to age 5 and packs down small into your suitcase.”

If you are a toddler parent also neck-deep in fish crackers and laundry (#pottytraining), I hope you found a few things on this list that will make your life with a 3 year old better. They are real reviews from real parents without the marketing spin.

Also, here’s a high five because you’re rocking this parenting thing. ✋ Now go negotiate that power struggle!