Our HandsDown Most Binge-able TV Shows

With so much going on in the world, don’t you deserve some you-time to kick back, relax and get completely and utterly hooked on a tv series that ticks all the boxes for what reels you in? That was a rhetorical question because the answer will always be “yes, you do deserve that.”

When you’re ready to launch your next great viewing experience, you can stop endlessly scrolling through options until your eyes glaze over. Here is our list (sourced from HandsDown’s episodic entertainment enthusiasts) of supremely binge-able shows worthy of your hard-earned free time. Just remember to blink from time to time and be kind to your muscles and joints. Stand up at least once an hour, even if it’s just to get more refreshments. 

A culinary slice of life and a trip around the globe (sure to be a hit with foodies)

Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix
Recommended by Ryan, who says: I love to travel the world. I love great food and drink. I love close friends and family. This show combines these themes all in a meaningful way. And, it sure is nice to watch something that feels good these days. Check it out!

Quick synopsis: Everybody Loves Raymond creator Phil Rosenthal (who possesses an undeniably darling personality) hits the road, meeting people and trying new foods. Often inspiring and touching, always funny and relatable.

A true crime documentary with no shortage of WTF moments

The Jinx on HBO Max

Recommended by Brendan, who says: This is one of the most fascinating and exciting docs I’ve ever seen. Not often do you get a true crime documentary where the subject (who is accused of multiple murders) participated in extensive interviews with the filmmakers.

Quick synopsis: This limited series follows the life and crimes (and yes, there are many) of real estate heir Robert Durst. Prepare yourself for some next-level wild that unfolds in real time.

An undeniably quirky, riotously funny, and incredibly quotable sitcom whose characters grow on you

Schitt’s Creek on Netflix
Simply put by user Ellyn: The. Best. Show.
Also a fave of Jenna’s, who says: My dad really wanted me to start watching this show so that we could share laughs together (so cute, right?) and I have to say, after getting through Seasons 1 + 2 I am now LOVING IT. It’s sweet, hilarious and totally binge-able.

Quick synopsis: Created by (and starring) father and son team Eugene and Dan Levy, the show follows a formerly well-off couple and their 2 disastrously spoiled adult children as they cling to their last remaining asset, a middle-of-nowhere town that forces them to reinvent themselves.

A lesser-known slice of lovely (perfect for the Anglophile animal lover)

All Creatures Great and Small on PBS

Recommended by Kate, who says: Superb storytelling and cast combined with gorgeous sets and cinematography. Always wholesome, never cringe, sometimes really funny. This show has it all, if you’re really into period dramas about country vets in northern England.

Quick synopsis: Viewers are taken along for a wholesome, heartwarming ride through English country-life that follows a group of veterinary surgeons as they cure horses, pigs and cows and the farmers and townsfolk who surround them.

A girl power gigglefest with fantastic original songs

Girls 5eva on Peacock

Recommended by Rebecca, who says: Want a show that knows exactly what it is and doesn’t take itself seriously? Want to see a Dolly Parton hallucination, as played by Tina Fey? You’ll love this.

Quick synopsis: A one-hit wonder girl group from the 1990s shoots their shot at a comeback while balancing the real life issues they now face as women of a certain age. The songs are catchy, funny and well written (thanks, Sara Bareilles)!

An Italian-language drama that takes you on one woman’s moving and gripping trip down memory lane

My Brilliant Friend on HBO Max

Recommended by Tiffany, who says: This show. Wow. It’s a slow burn and so beautifully filmed, it’s hard to believe it’s not a movie. It captures the terror of childhood and womanhood, set mostly in Naples beginning in the 1950s. Subtitles (I love). Incredible music. Gah, so good.

Quick synopsis: A coming-of-age drama that unfolds via the memories of an aging author as she reflects on one of the most important relationships of her life after learning her longtime companion has gone missing.

A diversion so perfect, they’ve made 11 installments (most with multiple seasons)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Bravo

Recommended by Michael, who says: This franchise is one of the most iconic shows. I’ve recommended this show to 3 people and they are now all stans of the show.

Quick synopsis: Follow the lives of the rich and (not really) famous as they go about their daily doings in various US cities. Prepare yourself for hilarity, drama and the quintessence of what it means to be catty and entitled.

A cat and mouse, edge of your seat thriller that will have you reflexively pushing Next Episode

Killing Eve on AMC+
Recommended by David, who says: [Actress] Jodie Comer’s Villanelle is among the best characters ever. 

Quick synopsis: Based on a series of novels about a spy (Sandra Oh plays Eve) who is feeling a bit over her job when she is pulled back in by a series of murders. Eager to solve the mystery and discover the killer, Eve finds that the assailant seems to be just as interested in discovering more about her.

A titillating tryst of a reality dating show (push judgment aside and just enjoy the ride)

Love Island (UK) on Hulu

Recommended by Jenna, who says: [I was introduced] to Love Island during the pandemic and it is just so fantastic. It’s kind of like if the Bachelor franchise was filled with nice people who all wanted the best for each other. It’s pure fun and I can’t wait for the next season.

Quick synopsis: Very pretty young people with fun accents move into a villa and spend the summer trying to find their special someone. Filled with twists, turns, temptation and (if they’re lucky) true love.

The true OG of drama series (add to the top of your to-be-watched list if you love gritty mob stories)

The Sopranos on HBO Max

Recommended by Claudia, who says: Absolutely insane plot points. A lot of daddy issues, even more, mommy issues, boob tattoos, people put in meat grinders, toupees, strippers dancing to yacht rock, meat-related panic attacks, therapy, and more. Reminds me of my home in a totally healthy and normal way.

Quick synopsis: Watch the titular mafioso Tony Soprano’s midlife crisis unfold as he tackles the ins and outs of married life, raising teenagers, seeing a therapist and running a crime syndicate.

Bonus pick: For the binge-watcher in training (or for when you need the TV to babysit)

Little Einsteins on Disney+

Recommended by Jenna, who says: Screen time is educational with this Disney+ show. Every episode is set to a piece of classical music, and takes place in a famous piece of art. My son has learned so much about music and stories!

Quick synopsis: 4 cartoon preschoolers explore culture, music, art, nature and science—all in a day’s work.

Once you’ve got your snacks (and possible viewing partner/s) lined up, you’ll be ready to begin your journey. We have no doubt you’ll soon be saying the inevitable “just one more episode before bed”.

Ah, Television. What a fabulous invention and pastime. Connecting most of the world via so many wires, satellite signals and subscription plans, we’re sure you have small screen obsessions that you feel should be nominated for “Best in Binge.” Share them with fellow fanatics by adding to your own list or commenting below.