HandsDown Fave Curly Hair Products

August 11, 2022


Picture this: you’re standing in the pharmacy aisle, staring at a shelf crowded with hair products. Your mind goes blank. There are sooo many options, but it feels like there’s nothing quite right. How the HECK are you supposed to choose?! News flash – it doesn’t have to be so daunting.

For people with curly hair, this is an all-too-familiar scene. Since realizing that my hair is curly — I’d always thought it was just frizzy until I finally stopped brushing out my curls — I’ve been on a journey to find products that actually work for my hair. It’s a constant struggle to maintain moisture without grease, to deal with changes in humidity, and all the other factors that make our ~curlz~ so very special.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your hair perfect in the bathroom and then having your hair slowly turn into a frizzy, voluminous, mess by the end of the day. For once, is it possible to have a hair routine that works and keeps your hair looking gorgeous throughout the day? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for. And neither do other curly-haired people. There are so many products out there that claim to help us with our multitude of issues, but not all are up to the task. We need some options, people!

So, who exactly are the experts on curly hair products? Humans with curly hair, that’s who!!
Here’s a roundup of 10 curl creams, gels, sprays, conditioners, and accessories, recommended by the HandsDown community, to step up your hair care game. These unfiltered consumer reviews will help guide your search for the perfect curl-friendly products. And remember, it might take a while to find the right collection of products for you, so don’t get discouraged and keep trying. You deserve to rock your magical curls with confidence. Start making the most of your gorgeous hair!

A curl conditioner to lock in the moisture:

LOVE Curl Conditioner – Davines

Conditioners with protein like these are the best way to moisturize and strengthen your hair while in the shower. Looking for the perfect bouncy curl? Invest in a good, nourishing conditioner.

Sorcha says:

This whole line is the best for my fine curly hair. (Doesn’t weight it down)

Lightweight hydrating products for everyday care:

AGADIR Argan Oil Spray Treatment

This is the first Argan Oil product on the list, but it won’t be the last. Argan Oil is WONDERFUL for us curly-babes because it moistures your hair throughout the day and smells divine. It also gives a wonderful shine and allows you to re-work your hair when on the go.

Valerie says:

The BEST spray ever. Was used in a salon and I bought it on the spot. It smells amazing, sprays evenly, and doesn’t make my hair feel oily.

AG Re:coil curl activator

We all know that ~crunchy~ feeling when we use a product that over-sets our hair. It’s gross, weird, and unnatural looking. Well, crunch no more with a good, conditioning leave in. Get that bounce and definition (aka Oomph) instead of stiff and lifeless curls.

Angela says:

I love this re coil cream so much. Long lasting ringlets with no crunch!

Versatile curl gels to make styling as easy breezy as you:

Garnier Light as Air Gel

One issue with curly hair is that it can sometimes be pretty heavy. Especially if you have a lot of thick hair. Products like this can help lift your roots and give you extra volume.

Kelley says:

I use a quarter-size or less on damp hair to get my roots to lift a little and to get my waves and curl clumps to hold together without stiffness or crunch.

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

Kate says:

Strong hold, good shine, no weight, low fragrance. Works equally well on my waves and my sister’s tight curls. We both love it.

For when you want a more intensive treatment:

Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector

Kelley says:

I use it when my hair feels blah. Perfect Sunday night ritual. Shiny curls, coming up!

A multi-functional hair waver:

Conair Double Ceramic Triple Hair Waver

Olivia says:

The best hair waver and super cheap! Adjustable barrels to create the perfect beachy wave 10/10!!

A fan fave hair dryer:

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

Sarah says:

A little pricey but the Dyson hair dryer is a game changer. No fly aways and dries my hair so fast. Comes with a nice leather case, great attachments + new brush and comb.

A smoothing treatment for a sleeker style:

Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment — Color Wow Hair

Maggie says:

My Mom loved this so much she sent me one and I’m so glad she did. Spray a throughout damp hair and then style – It makes my hair extra shiny and soft, my hair looks good for longer in-between washes and helps with frizz.

An expert tip to keep the curls intact:

Muslin baby blanket as hair turban

Kelley says:

I love muslin blankets – I repurpose our muslin blankets as hair turbans – great alternative that doesn’t cause frizz or cause my ends to dry too fast. And we have a bunch of them!

Others swear by old cotton t-shirts, microfiber towels, or even pillow cases to wrap their damp curls and tame the flyaways!

What are YOUR fave products for curly hair? Share your expertise — and become an influencer for other curly-haired folks — by creating a list of your favorite hair care products! Or just add items to your Top 10 Favorite Things, and share with your friends. Stay curly!