10 All-Year Fave Candles

August 15, 2022


With a good candle, the ritual is half the magic. No matter the season I love striking a match, watching the curl of smoke, and lighting a scented candle with a dramatic flourish. Bedside, bathside, deskside, with a cup of tea, with a glass of wine… you get the idea. Life is just better when the air smells like bergamot.

With infinite candles and scent varieties on the market, choosing the right candle can feel daunting. Scent is so personal, and trying a new candle brand can be unpredictable, especially when you’re shopping online. How long does the candle last? Is the scent strong or weak, sweet or citrusy? Do you want soy, coconut, or beeswax? 

Well, candle connoisseurs, you’ve come to the right place.
Here’s a roundup of ten Fave candles recommended by the HandsDown community. These authentic reviews will simplify your search for the perfect flame. It’s time to find yourself some flickering magic, perfect for any season!

For a bite-sized bonfire:

White Tea & Jasmine WoodWick Candle

Cassidy says:

They are heavenly – long lasting & they make a fun little crackle sound when they burn. Great vibes all around.

And everyone knows a good candle is 99% vibes and 1% actual candle qualities. 

To inhale some hygge:

Ro Scented Candle by Skandinavisk

Kendra says:

This candle smells so relaxing and warm. It is a very nostalgic smell for me. A bit pricey for a candle, but it makes me so very happy.

According to the maker, “Ro” means “peace” in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Sign me up.

For a design-forward candle in sleek all-black:


Jamie says:

The scent of heaven.

Well, it doesn’t get much better than that!

An NYC-based, female-founded brand:

Sunday Morning Minimalist Candle by Brooklyn Candle Studio

Ashley says:

My candle obsession knows no bounds.

Brooklyn Candle Studio rocks! I love the Kyoto scent — like a walk in the woods, but you’re lying on the couch. (And with the larger size, you can clean out the residual wax to make a cute cocktail glass.)

For some ethically-made Maryland magic:

Knits, Soy and Metal candles

Jessica says:

Love the smell of the floral set. Maker is a woman of color, small biz in Baltimore.

…using soy wax produced by American farmers! Shop small!

For a high-end cult classic:

LAFCO Scented Candles

Janet says:

I love lighting beautiful, luxury scented candles – day and night – to relax me and my guests at home.

These hand-blown glass candles are seriously elegant.

Earthy vibes with a unique linen label:

Day’s Last Light Glass Candle

Rebecca says:

I love a good candle, but this candle from Anthropologie is such an awesome find! The Palo Santo Linen scent is warm, clean and woodsy- a truly unique scent that relaxes me whenever I smell it.

Typical Anthro, doing everything just a little bit cooler. 

For a scent that transports you:

Arches National Park Candle – red sandstone, copaiba balsam + sandalwood

Becca says:

I love nearly all of the National Parks line of candles, but Arches is my HANDS DOWN favorite.

Gotta love the old-timey style of these tins!

Another small business fave:

Sugar Cookie Candle by Cleveland Candle Co.

Kristen says:

Local Cleveland small business, handmade candles. Love these especially at Christmas time.

It’s like dessert, but for your nose.

And finally, for lovely scents minus the flames:

Amber & Moss Reed Diffuser by P.F. Candle Co.

Sonia (co-founder of HandsDown) says:

Best diffuser everrrrr. I fell in love with this brand because of their candles, the fragrances are earthy and not too sweet. But I’m lazy and don’t want to light candles all the time, so I replaced all them with this diffuser. People always comment how amazing our bathroom smells!

A diffuser that doesn’t give you a headache? What sorcery is this!

Ten household favorites, recommended by ten real people on HandsDown, to help you unwind, refresh, and make life smell a little better. 

Do you have a fave candle? We want to hear about it! Make a list of your wellness essentials, or just add must-haves to your Top 10 Favorite Things, and share with your friends. Or better yet, gift a friend a candle and spread the scented love!