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HandsDown Fave Gifts for Newlyweds

July 8, 2022


Every wedding is different, but a few things are (almost) always the same. Love, music, food, joy, family, a bit of drama, photos, and GIFTS.  

Personally, I have a couple of rules when it comes to buying wedding gifts. Not every gift needs to follow all three rules, but it should meet at least one. 

  1. Quality that will last. The best gifts last a couple of decades (peep the cast iron dutch oven I recommend below for a great example).
  2. Practical and useful. This is a tricky one because everyone thinks their gift is useful. But here are a few examples that DON’T fit this rule: home decor because you don’t know their style, sheet sets in an assumed but unconfirmed size, and restaurant gift cards to a place you’re not sure they like.
  3. Unlikely to be duplicated. My husband and I got FOUR mega boxes of Rubbermaid and TWELVE bath towels for our wedding. It was so much for two people. I like to choose something that’s not super standard so it’s unlikely to be duplicated.

Obviously, one gift all newlyweds love is cash, but if you want to give something more personal, check out these faves from the HandsDown community.

Kitchen Gifts for Newlyweds

I’ll start you off with a classic gift for newlyweds: cookware! 

All-Clad – 12.5 Inch Skillet – Stainless Steel D3 3-Ply Cookware

Fave of Michael:

“One of my favorite kitchen tools is my ever so handy All Clad 12.5 Skillet. It’s so versatile and lasts forever. Highly recommended by various culinary tastemakers and I couldn’t agree more.”

Lodge 5.5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Ok, I had to throw in one of my own personal recommendations. This is a Fave from me, Kate

“All the benefits of cast iron with none of the work, thanks to the enamel coating. It’s a versatile kitchen tool that I use for almost everything. Easy to clean, and the bright color makes me happy. The price point is awesome for the quality.”

Here’s a gift for the environmentally-conscious couple. 

rezip Lay-Flat Gallon Reusable BPA-Free Food Grade Storage Bag 4-Pack

Fave of Francine:

“These are a bit costly, but they will always rezip and are large enough to hold the no-knead bread you should be making!!”

Next up, a gift for the foodie newlyweds.

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking by Samin Nosrat

Fave of Becca:

“I’m a huge fan of Samin Nosrat and her approach to cooking – getting folks away from following recipes and really digging into the whys and hows our food works together.”

(Tangent alert: For quality entertainment, check out this video of Samin Nosrat collabing with Brad from Bon Appétit.)

And to finish out the kitchen tools round-up, a gift for the newlyweds who just really love coffee. 

Nestle Nespresso Aeroccino3 3594 Black Milk Frother

Fave of Sarah:

“Milk frother is key to a special coffee drink. This one is really easy to use for hot or cold froth. Plugs in and is small. Takes less than 30 seconds.”

Electronic Gifts for Newlyweds

Ok, let’s look at some tech gifts for the newlyweds’ new home together.

Google Home

Fave of Sarah:

“Always been a fan of Google over Siri or Alexa. She always hears me correctly and the speaker is actually fantastic for music. I have it in several rooms and even connected to a Sonos. I like doing my “morning briefing” with about 5 different news programs to start the day.”

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug 

Fave of Tiffany:

“I can switch all of my lamps on or off with my phone or my Alexa! Plus, I can also schedule them on a timer through the app. You can plug anything into these and monitor or conserve energy consumption.”

Unique Wedding Gifts

Branch Basics

Fave of Kendyl:

“I absolutely love these cleaning products. The laundry boost is amazing as is the all-purpose cleaner. The best part is everything comes from one concentrate and all you have to do is add water! All natural and non-toxic and great for a house with kids.”

Linnea Design Calendar – Linnea Design

Fave of David:

“Most beautiful and inspiring calendar you will ever own. Changes every year. Highly curated. Design driven. Makes for great gifts too!”

(Personal note: I generally don’t recommend giving home decor as a gift, but a cool calendar is okay. It’s useful and temporary by nature.)

Finally, if you can’t decide on a gift, just give the gift of literally everything—you can give a Costco membership as a gift!


Fave of Frank:

“Delicious pepperoni slice for $1.99. Vaccines, eye glasses, contacts, prescriptions. High quality snacks in bulk. Rotisserie Chicken. Portland Organic Ketchup 3pk for $7 or so. Costco Visa that is 3% cash back on food and travel. Sonos 2 pack speakers for $369. The list goes on and on.”

My wedding season wish for you: I hope your next wedding is not-too-awkward and the DJ only plays “Brown-Eyed Girl” once. Good luck choosing a wedding gift, and give my best to the happy couple!

And if you haven’t already, share your own favorite things on HandsDown today!