HandsDown Fave Baby Items

September 9, 2022


In the past two weeks, I’ve attended two baby showers for friends and created my own baby registry for my own soon-to-be-arriving newborn. So I’m DEEP in the world of baby stuff right now. When buying a gift for a baby shower, I like to shop from the registry if possible. Or if my friend doesn’t have a baby registry, I’ll choose one of my own favorite newborn items that I’ve used and loved. Nobody likes exchanging gifts that didn’t work out (especially post-partum!!), so I do my best to choose a great baby shower gift. 

And when I created my own baby registry, especially since this is my third baby, I wanted to choose just a few things in each category that I know I will use. I put almost no clothing items on my registry, because people love to shop for clothes anyway and hand-me-downs always find their way to us. Things like a baby monitor, carrier, feeding supplies, and swaddles are the best baby registry items, in my opinion.

Whether you are building your own baby registry or shopping for a friend’s baby shower, here’s a round-up of some newborn items recommended by real parents on HandsDown.

Best Baby Monitors

Nanit Pro Camera

Fave of Diana

“I love this baby monitor and the travel accessories, which make it easy to bring us peace of mind wherever we go. The best part is that everything is on your phone, so you can watch your baby from anywhere!”

VTech Audio Baby Monitor (2-Unit)

Fave of Tim

“These are the best. Old school, durable long range. The fancy video monitors never got far enough and we actually only listen to them anyway. These rock.”

Moonybaby Split 50 Baby Monitor

Fave of Gregory

“A soon-to-be dad asked me what baby monitor to get; this is what I recommended.”

Best Newborn Baby Gear

Newborn Boba Baby Wrap Carriers by Boba

Fave of Nia

“If you love to baby wear this is for you.”

Itzy Ritzy Natural Rubber Pacifiers

Fave of Samantha

“My baby loves the shape of this paci, which was recommended by a friend. I love that I can loop it onto a paci chain that clips to her seatbelt, too.”

Rohm Travel Size Sound Machine for Adults & Baby by Yogasleep

Fave of Diana

“I am currently on vacation and this sound machine is on as I type this. I’ve brought this everywhere with me since my baby is born. It’s help him sleep on the road, at the mall, while traveling, and more. It’s like a security blanket for all of us.”

Author’s Note: I saw this on HandsDown, added it to my Saves, and put it on my own registry! That’s the magic of HandsDown.

AMKE 3 in 1 Baby Bassinets,Bedside Sleeper

Fave of Nia

“Perfect for mommies who like to be close to their newborns.”

I second the recommendation for a bedside bassinet. Getting up 4 times a night is less exhausting if you don’t actually have to get out of bed. 

Peanut Changer by keekaroo

Fave of Anthony

“Expensive? Yes. A god-send for diaper changes and bath times with a newborn? ALSO YES! Cleans easily and can be moved from the changing table to the kitchen counter for bath time; it’s served us with both of our kids very well.”

Best Feeding Supplies for Older Babies

Duo Meal Station Food Maker

Fave of Nia

“I absolutely LOVE this product. It’s great for steaming and blending up veggies for your little one.”

Kids Eat in Color | Facebook

Fave of Kate

“Amazing FB and Insta account to follow if you have young kids or babies. Advice from a dietician mom. Picky eating helps. Ways to talk about food and nutrition. Learn how to build healthy and happy meal time routines. Free resources. Meal plans. Recipes. Product recs. I cannot recommend it enough!! So, so helpful!!”

A new baby is a huge life-change no matter how prepared you are, but the right baby gear can smooth out the bumps a little. And giving and receiving support is the real reason for baby showers and registries, even if the gifts get exchanged later. So enjoy the newborn season and give as much love as you can to the new parents (even if it’s you!).

And if YOU have a favorite baby item we’ve missed, add it to your own HandsDown list and share the love!