10 Outdoor Footwear Faves

August 10, 2022


When the weather starts to warm up in the spring, I’m always eager to swap out my footwear right away. I put on my Chacos and head out for a walk with a lighter step and renewed interest in the world. I used to be a runner and biker, but these days I’m a walker during the warm months. Because my outdoor sport interests have narrowed, I find that one excellent pair of outdoor shoes will handle all my spring and summer adventures. For me, that pair of shoes is Chacos. 

But however you enjoy the great outdoors during the spring and summer, you’ll need some awesome footwear. If you are looking for reliable sandals, running shoes, socks, or hiking boots, you’ll want to peek at these recommendations from the HandsDown community

Best Outdoor Sandals for Women

Everyone needs some great outdoor sandals!

Teva® Tirra for Women | Strappy Water Sandals

Fave of Esther

“Love these for any outdoor adventure that will include water. I also love that Teva uses recycled materials and will also take their shoes back with their recycle program. I’ve had my pair for 6 years and they’re still going strong.”

Women’s Z/Cloud 2 Sandals | Chaco

Fave of Kate

“I’ve worn the same pair of Chacos for 6 years, and they are only just starting to wear out. My feet and back never get tired even after a long day of walking around in them. Hands down my favorite pregnancy shoes too, since they adjust to fit my swollen feet and give great arch support.” 

Note: Yep, these are from my list! One thing to know is that they are not great water shoes, surprisingly. But awesome for all other outdoor adventures!


Fave of Kittie

“All time fav shoe brand, can’t beat their well-made leather and cork sandal for the summer festival season.”

So many people listed Birkenstocks as a Fave footwear item! They are classy, comfortable, and well-made. Hard to beat!

Comfortable Running Shoes and Socks

Women’s Performance Running Ankle Sock 4-Pack Gift Bag – Bombas

Fave of Kendra

“Let’s talk about something unsexy–MY FEET SWEAT. But these babies keep them dry. I tell literally everyone how much I love these socks. They are AmAzInG. Also for every pair you buy, a pair is donated to a homeless shelter. I wear these running and the compression socks at work (scrub life).”

Bombas is another brand that shows up on many Fave lists! (Including mine!)

Men’s Stride Micro Crew Ultra-Light Running Socks – Darn Tough

Fave of Jeffery

“Lifetime warranty. Amazingly thin, stay dry, grippy, breathable socks. Best sock I’ve found for warmer weather activities: biking, hiking, running etc. Own two pairs and these have become my primary biking sock.”

Pro tip: Virtually every sock recommendation you’ll find on HandsDown is either Bombas or Darn Tough. Can’t go wrong with either!

Women’s Arahi 6 Stability Running Shoe | HOKA®

Fave of Kendra

“Cushioned shoes that aren’t heavy and don’t look like clown shoes. Fun colors. Fun Miles. Fun Times.”

Women’s OOahh Slide Sandal – Lavender – OOFOS

Fave of Jill

“Best sandals to wear after a run. Also use them as my house shoes. Great support and super comfortable.”

Don’t forget to pamper your feet after a long run! They worked hard!

Best Outdoor Footwear for Hiking

Women’s Lennox™ Hiker Bootie | SOREL

Fave of Ashley

“These boots help me take long hikes with no blisters afterwards.”

I mean, the #1 job of hiking boots is no blisters, so that’s a winning review!

The North Face Activist Mid Futurelight Hiking Shoe

Fave of Peter

“Good ankle support, look cool, waterproof, lightweight.”

It’s nice to see a hiking boot that doesn’t seem like Serious Business. They really do look cool and comfortable. 

Cairn PRO II Adventure Sandals – Bedrock Sandals

Fave of Becca

“These are the ultimate hiking sandals! I love that I can hike 4+ miles and easily go over rocks, mud, in and out of water, and uphill with ease. It’s a great sandal for packing when you know there are going to be adventures.”

Whether you enjoy the outdoors through festivals, hiking, running, or walking around the neighborhood, I hope you find your hands down fave footwear for the season! When you do, add it to your list of Faves and share it with your friends.