HandsDown Top 10 Refreshing Summer Drinks

When it’s hot hot hot outside, all I want is a cold cold cold drink. You too? Not surprised. Whether you’re sweating it out at a family reunion, or hosting a backyard dinner party, the drink supply is top priority. (Or let’s be honest, even if you’re mostly driving your kids around and not throwing parties, you’re still gonna need some chilled beverages to get you through summer.) And as fun as summer cocktails are, sometimes you need a drink that’s non-alcoholic but non-boring. Enter the mocktail! 

If you’re looking for refreshing summer drinks beyond La Croix or Coke, here’s a collection of Faves from the HandsDown community. I’ve gathered a variety of pre-made summer mocktails, hydrating drinks, and mocktail recipe ingredients. Plus, I snuck in a few adult-only beverages at the end. Cheers!

Note: Some of the mocktails, while alcohol-free, contain ingredients that are not safe or recommended during pregnancy or if you have certain medical conditions or are taking certain medications. Always check the label!

Best Pre-Made Summer Mocktails


Fave of Paulina

“These drinks have layers that tell stories in the form of complex and playful flavors. It makes you want to be poetic and have a curly mustache when drinking it; damn if it isn’t delicious. It makes ‘having a drink’ a worthy experience without the alcohol.”

Lightwave: A Non-Alcoholic Relaxing Drink

Fave of Jenna

“I appreciate most of the Kin Euphorics product line but this is my current favorite. It replaces a cocktail for me. The taste has hints of ginger I think and it’s excellent on ice. The cans are small so I throw them in my bag when headed to a friend’s place, or out to a bar.”

The Recess sampler

Fave of Sorcha

“The best way to relax sans-booze.”

TEPACHE: A fermented & probiotic beverage, made from fresh pineapples!

Fave of Sonia

“Delicious alternative to kombucha with less sugar. My favorite flavor is mango.”

Refreshing Summer Fitness and Hydration Drinks

CELSIUS® Fitness Drinks

Fave of Valerie

“My new favorite way to start my morning! Non-carbonated, delicious, low calorie caffeine.”

Plink! Watermelon

Fave of Carina

“Delicious electrolyte drink mix. This refreshing cooler leads with juicy-sweet watermelon, and a light zip of cucumber, and is crisped with a salty finish.”

Best Summer Mocktail Recipe Ingredients

For you who enjoy mixing your own summer drinks, here are two mocktail recipe ingredient Faves.

Blood Orange Juice, Fresh Squeezed | Natalie’s Juice

Fave of Park

“Fresh-squeezed blood orange juice in a bottle with a stunning color and flavor!”

One Touch Sparkling Water Maker – SodaStream Carbonated Water

Fave of Michael

“I am obsessed with fizzy water. It’s refreshing and crispy. However, buying all these plastic bottles is not great for the environment (those poor fish). So enter SodaStream. All you need is a SodsStream machine, CO2 Canister and some water. BOOM! Fizzy water. And it saves you money too. Saving the planet and savings in your wallet. Sounds like a win-win to me!”

Best Summer Cocktails

Actually, just margaritas…


Fave of Sonia

“Margaritas are my favorite adult beverage and this is the absolute best pre-made cocktail I have ever had. With hints of jalapeño and hibiscus, I’m embarrassed to admit how often I have these.”

Best Margarita Recipe – How to Make the Perfect Margarita Cocktail

Fave of Jamie

“The only way to make/drink a margarita. Add a few jalapenos or cucumbers to take it up a notch.”

I hope you found your new favorite summer drink in this round-up. If you did, add it to your own list of Faves and share it with your friends. Cheers to staying cool, relaxed, and hydrated this summer!