10 HandsDown Fave Vegan Pantry Staples

July 19, 2022


Back in the ‘90s, my family was vegan for a few years and vegetarian for many years. I have fond memories of weird white bean burgers, rubbery almond “cheese,” and soy milk on my raisin bran. (Fond memories in hindsight. I complained a lot as a kid.) Thankfully, the vegan lifestyle has made enormous progress in the last few decades. You can find great vegan alternatives for almost any ingredient and even for non-food products. Bye, rubbery cheese!

Here’s a round up of 10 vegan pantry and home staples from the HandsDown community.

Must-Have Vegan Ingredients

To start off our Top 10, check out a couple of vegan pantry staples to have on hand.

Nutritional Yeast

Fave of Britteny, who calls this straight up “a vegan staple.”

Pro tip: Can’t beat “nooch” (vegan shorthand) on a bowl of fresh popcorn! Also tasty as a cheese substitute. 

Frantoia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fave of Lisa: “We don’t leave home without it. We always pack this when we rent vacation homes. We have given this as gifts to dinner hosts and they all rave about the flavor.”

Miso Master Organic White Miso Paste

Fave of Angela: “Miso Paste in general is magical. Love a miso butter brushed onto bok choy and then grilled. We even had miso butter popcorn recently! I like this one because it is organic and gluten free.”

Go-To Vegan Pre-Made Meals

It’s always tricky to find a quick snack or meal on the go that doesn’t contain animal products. Here’s a few vegan meal Faves.

Amy’s Gluten Free Non Dairy Burrito

Fave of Heather: “I eat one of these every day for lunch. Don’t judge.”

Daily Harvest

Fave of Kittie: “I love their frozen smoothies and they are the perfect quick and healthy breakfast on the way out the door. Their soups and bowls make for great lunch options too.”

Crave-Worthy Vegan Snacks

Looking for a good vegan guilty-pleasure snack? Here are two I can’t wait to try!

Deux Cookie Dough

Fave of Diana: “I always save room for dessert, and this is my newest obsession. This is *healthy* cookie dough (made with oats, nut butter, vanilla, maple syrup, coconut sugar, water, and flaxseed, then enhanced with other healthy ingredients like amino acids) that you can bake or eat right from the jar (my preferred method). My favs are chocolate chip and brownie batter!”

Lesser Evil Popcorn

Fave of Diana, who has unequivocally deemed this: “Best snack!!!”

That’s with three exclamation points, for those keeping score!

A Vegan Recipe to Make on Repeat

Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Fave of Hanna: “Autumn is soup season!”

Pro tip: The recipe is from Cookie+Kate, a Fave food blog. Kate posts delicious and simple vegan and vegetarian recipes for the home cook. Her cookbook is beautiful too, and the recipes are just *chef’s kiss*

Beyond the Pantry: Vegan Beauty Products

Making vegan food swaps is the obvious place to start, but beauty products are the next place to make the switch to vegan. Check out the products below to discover some vegan beauty brands.

Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

Fave of Amanda: “It really extends your lashes and doesn’t crumble throughout the day. Best part is that it slides off your lashes with warm water but NOT with sweat. No dark under eyes or aggressive wiping needed, which helps prevent wrinkles!!”

Attitude Shampoo for Sensitive Skin

Fave of Kristen: “Simple, unscented, good for the whole family – and it doesn’t have any of the junk that’s bad for you or the environment.”

Whatever your motivation for going vegan (either a little or a lot) and however hard-core your lifestyle, hats off to you for making the world a little better. I hope you discovered a new Fave for your list in this vegan product round-up.